Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey all,

Isle of Jura distillery has long been one of my favorite Scotch producers. The island lies just north east of Islay and has a lot of the same coastal sea air influences and large supply of local peat. Their unpeated single malts remind me a lot of Tobermory and are certainly more complex than your average Highland or Speyside single malts. The offerings most requested though, single malts I simply had to bring into the shop (over flowing shelves be damned), are the incredible Superstition and Prophecy. Superstition is Jura's lightly peated whisky, a great entry level scotch for anyone who's looking to cross over into the smokey-peaty side of things. Has a mild yet intrinsic smokiness, beautiful sea weed and ocean brininess, and finishes with a nice honey sweetness. Prophecy is their big peat monster, peated to a level close to Ardbeg or Laphroaig. Intense flavors of smoke, peat tar, tobacco, stoney minerals and sea salt with a touch of caramel and sherry. Both expressions are dynamic and worth trying. Cheers


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