Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Arrivals: George T. Stagg Jr!

Hey all,

We've had a lot of interest in the Stagg Jr. since Buffalo Trace announced the product several months ago. Fortunately the wait is over as both shops got in a limited allocation today. Even though we got a small amount to start, I've heard that we may see Stagg Jr. released a couple times a year. So if you miss this run there may be more coming down the pipe line in a few months. The Stagg Jr. is a younger cask strength expression of its older sibling. This bottling clocked in at a robust 67.2% alcohol (134.4 proof) and has some super concentrated flavors of cocoa powder, espresso, cinnamon stewed berries, earth and burnt caramel. We anticipate these selling out fast, so there will be a limit of one bottle per customer per day. Good luck everyone. Cheers

Available at both shops!

*Update: Currently Sold Out*


New Arrivals: Buffalo Trace Experimental- Wheat Experiment (Castro Only)

Hey All,

Just got in the new Buffalo Trace Experimental, apparently it was so limited we only got it at one shop (just a few cases floating around for all of California). This new release is called the wheat experiment, which involved producing four identical wheated recipe bourbons where the only variable was the barrel entry proof. Here are some of the details for the bottlings:

Production Method:
-All 4 bourbons were distilled on 10-24-2001
-All 4 used the wheated recipe
-All 4 used the sour mash technique
-Still proof was 130
-Charred white oak with a level 4 char was used
-All barrels were made by Independent Stave Co. and air dried 3 months
-Barrels were aged in Warehouse K on Floor 6
-All 4 bourbons were bottled at 11 years and 7 months old
-All barrels were chill-filtered and bottled at 45% (90 proof)

Wheat 90 (barrel entry proof of 90)
-"This entry proof resulted in a bourbon with more wood characters and slight sweet notes. It is mellow with hints of cedar and other wood flavors".

Wheat 105 (barrel entry proof of 105)
-"The 105 entry proof produced bourbon that is a nice balance of sweet caramel, vanilla and dry oakiness".

Wheat 115 (barrel entry proof of 115)
-"The 115 entry proof produced a well-balanced spirit. The up-front taste is sweet and fruity, with buttery toffee notes that follow. This is completed with a dry oaky finish".

Wheat 125 (barrel entry proof of 125)
-"The 125 entry proof resulted in a well-rounded flavor. The taste is a balance of cooked berries mingled with sweet honey and slight hints of spicy cloves and pepper".

These are of course descriptions from the bottles, not from me. If I get a chance to try any of them I'll add my descriptions here. Don't sleep on these, they'll go fast. Cheers


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Healthy Spirits: Elijah Craig & Willett

1. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon -Made in the same tradition as other award-winning Elijah Craig bottlings, this is a Barrel-Proof, small batch bourbon. Bottled straight from the barrel and without chill filtering, the nose, taste and finish are from 12 years of aging are preserved in their purest form.-$59.99

2. Willett 7 Year Bourbon- This limited- release, hand selected single barrel produced just 192 bottles. Willett is known for selecting exceptional whiskies, so grab this one while you can! -$72.99

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Arrivals: Balcones Brimstone and Single Malt! (Super Limited)

Hey All,

Got some very small quantities of Balcones Single malt (Castro shop only) and Brimstone, also just a few more bottles left of our private barrel selection of True Blue. Get em while you can!

-Balcones single malt whisky $89.99 (Castro only!)
-Balcones Brimstone scrub oak smoked whisky $69.99
-Balcones True Blue Healthy Spirits Exclusive $68.99

Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Arrivals: Octomore 10 Year Single Malt, Stein Rye, Stein Bourbon and Gordon & Macphail Cask Strength "Caol Ila" 11 Year!

Hey all,

Just figured I'd give a run down of the whiskies we got in the last week or so.

New Arrivals:

-Octomore 10 Year Single Malt (Super Limited) $299.99
-Stein Distillery Small Batch Rye (New Oregon Micro) $59.99
-Stein Distillery Small Batch Bourbon (New Oregon Micro) $59.99
-Gordon & Macphail Cask Strength "Caol Ila" 11 Year Single Malt $119.99
-Four Roses 2013 Limited Cask Strength Single Barrel $108.99
-Bowmore Dorus Mor (Small Batch Release 1) Cask Strength 10 Year Single Malt $119.99

Back in Stock:

-Jefferson's Presidential 21 Year Bourbon $158.99
-Black Maple Hill Bourbon $49.99
-Hooker's House Healthy Spirits Exclusive Single Barrel Bourbon $44.99
-Larceny Bourbon $27.99
-Eagle Rare Healthy Spirits Exclusive Single Barrel Bourbon (will arrive Friday 8/2) $32.99
-Henry McKenna Bottled in Bond Single Barrel Bourbon $32.99
-Old Medley 12 Year Bourbon $57.99
-Highland Park 12 Year Single Malt $59.99

All are available at both shops. Feel free to ask me any specific questions about a particular whiskey in the comments section. Cheers!