Monday, January 19, 2015

New Arrivals: Jim Beam Signature Craft 11 Year Wheat and Brown Rice Bourbon, Corsair Single Hop Whiskies!

Hey All,

What we have here is two massively different scale distilleries doing their version of innovation. The largest producer of bourbon in the world and one of the smallest, actually Corsair really doesn't make much bourbon, they're to busy changing the whiskey industry as we know it.

On the Beam side these two new offerings represent their 3rd and 4th release in the "Signature Craft" series. A series not unlike Buffalo Trace's "Experimental Collection". The first two releases were a 12 year bourbon and a Spanish brandy finished bourbon, both still available at the shop. For the new releases they've substituted rye in the mash for other types of grain, calling these the "Signature Craft Harvest Collection":

-Jim Beam Signature Craft 11 Year Red Wheat Bourbon: $49.99
-Jim Beam Signature Craft 11 Year Brown Rice Bourbon: $49.99

On the Corsair side Founder/Distillers Darek Bell and Andrew Webber continue to amaze be making whiskey out of any grain they can find including: quinoa, oats, spelt, buckwheat, and more, not to mention their use of bottle ready beer for distillation. And that's exactly what they've done with their latest offerings, taken extremely hoppy single hop IPA's and made them into whiskey. These are seriously some of the most sought after hop varietals on the market right now, so obtaining them for whiskey was probably no easy task.

-Corsair Citra Double IPA Whiskey: $59.99
-Corsair Mosaic IPA Whiskey: $59.99
-Corsair Galaxy IPA Whiskey: $59.99

Get em while you can! Cheers


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