Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hey All,

Winter Limited Whiskey Release (Extremely Time Sensitive), now available at both shops. Limit two bottles per customer (only one from the Buffalo Antique Collection and one from everything else) first come first serve, absolutely no sales over the phone and no new sign ups for the whiskey club for tonight.

Buffalo Trace Antique Collection:
-George T Stagg cask strength bourbon $99.99
-William Larue Weller cask strength bourbon $99.99
-Sazerac 18 year rye $99.99
-Eagle Rare 17 year bourbon $99.99
-Thomas Handy Sazerac cask strength rye $99.99

Other Extremely Limited Whiskies:
-Four Roses Limited Small Batch cask strength 2014 $119.99
-Parker's Heritage 13 year cask strength wheat whiskey $119.99
-Old Forester 12 year Birthday bourbon $54.99
-High West Midwinter Night Dram $89.99
-Angel's Envy cask strength bourbon $199.99
-Woodford Master's Collection Sonoma-Cutrer Finish (Pinot Noir) $114.99
-Willett XCF (Exploratory Cask Finish/ French Curacao Casks) $169.99
-Willett Family Estate cask strength single barrel 9 year bourbon $114.99
-Willett Family Estate cask strength single barrel 8 year rye $114.99

Good luck everyone. Please understand that these will sell out fast, some we only got 1 or 2 bottles of.

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